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Flames Tech Moves To New Office

After 3 years moving around, Flames Tech now has a permanent new office. Located on Hoang Van Thu street, the office is quite convenient for the team to get to work. It also takes less than 15 minutes to district 1, 10 minutes to district 3, and 5 minutes to Phu Nhuan district.

The new office has 3 levels with the capacity up to 25 seats, decorated in a boutique style in harmony with green trees and flowers all around. The lighting is perfect with natural sunlight through a green balcony view.

Flames Tech equips the office with all necessities to work including laptops, servers, LCD screens, graphic design tools, projectors, big slim LED TVs, latest media production tools, to all others digital research toys. The office is now good to host any kinds of digital projects operation independently.

We have to be honest that Flames Tech new office is not the best but it is better than enough to provide the team a cozy pleasant working environment. We hope to see everyone love the new work place and will continuously improve it for better working experience.

Come and join Flames Tech to strengthen our wish to be a young modern team striving to acquire new technologies and living in harmony within a beautiful office.