Flames Digital Moves To New Office

After 3 years moving around, Flames Digital now has a permanent new office. Located on Hoang Van Thu street, the office is quite convenient for the team to get to work. It also takes less than 15 minutes to district 1, 10 minutes to district 3, and 5 minutes to Phu Nhuan district.

The new office has 3 levels with the capacity up to 25 seats, decorated in a boutique style in harmony with green trees and flowers all around. The lighting is perfect with natural sunlight through a green balcony view.

Flames Digital equips the office with all necessities to work including laptops, servers, LCD screens, graphic design tools, projectors, big slim LED TVs, latest media production tools, to all others digital research toys. The office is now good to host any kinds of digital projects operation independently.

We have to be honest that Flames Digital new office is not the best but it is better than enough to provide the team a cozy pleasant working environment. We hope to see everyone love the new work place and will continuously improve it for better working experience.

Come and join Flames Digital to strengthen our wish to be a young modern team striving to acquire new technologies and living in harmony within a beautiful office.

New Website With Responsive Layout

On December 2012, Flames Digital launches its new corporate website at with complete new design and responsive fullscreen layout to demonstrate the company’s capability on latest web technologies by using HTML5 and CSS3.

Within a single style sheet theme, the website now can be viewed on any kinds of mobile devices, touch pads, and PCs thanks to the new responsive layout technology. The website is designed to stay on the edge of modern website trend, which is full-screen layout with animated and responsive background.

The home page is used to present a creative slideshow of eight pages introducing the core value and business philosophy of Flames Digital. The works area also utilize the same module to give potential client a high definition demonstration of some of works produced by the company.

The website’s content can also be managed dynamically through a CMS that offer user friendly back office for user to create variation of features to the website with best SEO capability.

Keep checking for latest updates on our business and hot news on latest web, mobile, design, and digital marketing technologies.

Corporate Identity Launched

After 5 years working under the form of a freelance group, we officially register our formal business in 2010. Envisioned to be a pioneer technology digital firm in Asia that stays on the edge by applying latest technologies into digital marketing, the concept and naming of Flames was finally suggested and got adopted by all founders.

Inspired by three factors representing Asia including spirituality, industriousness, and patience, the concept of flames was visualized into a combination of red and blue representing eastern yin and yang philosophy. Such a visualization binds the business to its Asian origin, that leverages the spiritual power to encourage and motivate generations to work their way ahead to the edge of technology with industriousness and patience. The harmony of yin and yang reflects an expectation of sustainability and the form of flames reflects the desire to be an enlightening entity within the industry.

We want to make our services matter to the client by keeping our eyes on the ultimate goal of continuous development of the their brand value. The concept of flames also acquires a strong can do attitude by a strategic combination of Technology and Creativity. We commit ourselves to offering Success Assurance With Quality, Efficiency, and Cost Saving.

Technology has been the leading element for the world’s development and so Digital is the must for the business to master. Then we name ourselves after Flames Digital.