“Our services combine the strength of Technology and Creativity by Strategy to achieve success!”
Software Services
Our software services provide a wide range of solutions from building a mini site to a rich logic application and from a stand alone software to an enterprise system. Let us know your needs and we will get you the right software solution. >> open details
Flames Digital even reach beyond the border of software development to approach a conbination of external software solutions available and internal software customization to provide our clients the best answer to their needs with quality within a shortest timing and optimal budget. Our service approach minimize risks by,

Solid Development Process
- Ideation and Strategy Validation
- Analysis and Design
- Solution Validation & Selection
- Production & Deployment
- Transition & Follow-up

Wide Range of Technologies & Tools
- Web Development: HTML-CSS-Javascript, Flash, PHP, .NET, Java
- Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
- Database: XML, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
- Integration: Software, Hardwares, Telecommunication
- Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Fireworks
Production Methodology: SCRUM & RUP

Vast Business Domains

Human Resource
Journalism & Media
Food & Beverage
FMCG Distribution
Beauty & Cosmetic
Software Engineering
Management & Consulting

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Online Services
Cloud computing has lately become the trend of digital services and Flames Digital is ready with it online services to be a part of that. We started with e-commerce and will then roll out with many other areas. >> open details
The online service model provide services through an online platform. Clients can buy subscriptions to access functionalities of the platform and exploit various resources hosted within the platform (i.e. products, services, buyers, sellers, …). Flames Digital also provide options to lease a dedicated version of the platform to clients that wants to operate the vertical online business by themselves. The one-time payment option is also available for those who want to buy off the platform. Check out our Solutions area for all available online services platform available.

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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing has been the trend for the last decade since it provides the power to publish knowledge, to share content, to interact with others, and to reach the audience beyond the border of time and space with cost effectiveness. >> open details
Flames Digital is confident to create differences in its services that makes digital marketing even a more powerful approach by the combination of automation and intelligent database to create efficiency and maintain high relevance. Our digital marketing services ranges across almost areas including,


Digital Communication Strategy
Digital Campaign Planning
Content strategy
Social Media Planning
Digital Infrastructure Consultancy


Digital Idea
Creative Technology
Art & Design
Copy Writing


Website & App Production
Technology Platform Production
Content Production
Video & Visual Production
Search Engine Optimization


Project & Platform Management
Campaign Execution Management
Social Marketing Management
Search & Display Marketing
Email & SMS Marketing

We are also open for implementing integrated marketing that ranges beyond the coverage of digital marketing. The wide partners network enables us to provide full marketing services while still focus on our digital expertise.

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Creative Design
Unique, simple, and creative designs always impress the audience. Further than that, digital creative requires designers to understand disciplines of human computer interaction and technologies as well as platforms and tools. >> open details
With experts who acquire more than ten years in digital and software industry, Flames Digital can offer top quality designs by adding latest cutting edges technology ideas to an inheritance of best practices and ideas recently and currently being implemented in the world’s digital market.

At Flames Digital we understand that professional digital creative design should meet criteria of the following principles,

Design to Build

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Brand Development
Brand development is the practice of creating a name, symbol, and design that identifies and differentiates a business, a product, or a person from others starting with defining the brand strategy and brand culture. >> open details
In fact the identity (i.e. name, the logo, …) is just the visible part of the ice berg, from which it is harder to tell how the ice berg is. Brand development starts from the business strategy and vision then forms up the brand strategy with brand culture as the core, which serves as the direction to build other elements of the brand identity and to guide the amplification of the brand to the audience through communication. Flames Digital brand development process is build to sustain the harmony between strategy and application through the following steps,
Brand Strategy
- Business Vision
- Brand Opportunity
- Brand Culture
Brand Application
- Brand Expression
- Brand Activation & Implementation
Brand Amplification
- Communication & Media
- Promotions
- Products & Services
- People & Behaviors

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Hosting & Domain
Flames Digital also provides hosting & domain for full digital service. Just think of your favorite names and tell us your business needs then the best suggestion will be made on domain names, hosting features, and others. >> open details
Flames Digital is capable of various layers of hosting services including,
- Collocation: the client owns the server and have full access to control it at our data center.
- Dedicated Server: the client leases a dedicated web server and have full access to control it.
- Managed Hosting: the client’s web application is hosted on a dedicated server which is managed and monitored by us.
- Share Hosting: the client’s web application is hosted on the same server as many other sites.

We can also optimize the performance, secure the server, and deploy various kind of server software components for your hosting.

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